The tourism and hospitality industries are some of the world's largest employers. There is a growing demand for tourism graduates with business management skills and training.  Tourism and Hospitality course gives you a real advantage in these competitive industries and prepares you to meet high standards of professional excellence.

The courses that Universities offer in Australia have established partnerships with some of the major players in the sport, tourism and hospitality industries. This gives you exposure to potential areas of employment. Most of the courses offered in Australia are backed by internationally respected researchers and experts in the field of this major Australian and global industry.

The programs offer you specialised tourism and hospitality subjects alongside core business subjects such as accounting, marketing and economics. Study food and beverage services, accommodation management, gastronomy, destination marketing and management, and service operations management.

Develop your industry knowledge and core business management skills to plantourism. Graduates may find work in a range of human service industries. These include tourism, event and conference management, sporting events and festivals, hotels and resorts, restaurants, clubs and bars, logistics, catering and banquet management, convention centres, event and conference management, and wholesale and retail management.