Australia's IT programs are high quality, and widely recognised throughout the world. Moreover, the cost of studying and living in Australia is low, and the security, cleanliness and quality of lifestyle makes it an outstanding study option.

Australia is one of the world's leading providers of training and education. An analysis of the higher education sector conducted by the Australian International Education Foundation shows that in terms of overseas student numbers, Australia - with 64,188 students - is ranked third in the English-speaking world, behind the USA and the UK.

Australians have had an involvement with IT from its infancy. Australians are amongst the world's most rapid appliers of information technology and are leaders in software and system development. Australian universities also have an excellent reputation for the quality of their educational programs, attracting large numbers of students from countries in the Asia Pacific region. It is notable that in Singapore, with a labour force that is one of the most highly educated, productive and articulate in the world, Australia is the number one provider of education, ahead of both the USA and UK, as well as an important provider of education for overseas students from other developed economies in the region - in Hong Kong and Japan, it is the number two and three provider of education respectively.

Perhaps the best indication of a university's international standing is the demand for its places amongst overseas students, particularly full-fee paying students open to a wide choice of study options. Australianuniversities are highly regarded, and their qualifications are valued - competition for places is tough, and academic standards are high. There appears to be a tendency for overseas students to pursue courses at better-known and larger universities. For example, while overseas students are found in mostAustralian universities that conduct IT programs, the four largest institutions educate almost 54% of overseas IT students in Australia. 

Diversity of Course Offerings

One strong aspect of Australian IT institutions is the diversity of programs available. These vary from specialised courses targeted at fast-growing areas of IT, such as Networking Computing, Multimedia and Electronic Commerce, tomore general degrees which allow graduates to pursue a wide range of careers in computing, and to target a broad range of opportunities. In addition to undergraduate degrees, most Australian universities offer a range of programs that allow students who have completed their studies in other areas to undertake IT studies at graduate level. Many of these programs do not require students to have completed previous studies in computing.

The Cost and Value

With a level of quality in the provision of education equal to universities in the USA, UK and other European economies, Australian institutions offer outstanding value. Not only has the cost of tuition been historically low in comparison to courses in the Northern Hemisphere, but right now the costs have been further deflated by the drop of the Australian dollar. Likewise, living costs in Australia are low compared to those in Europe.