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Bachelor of Computer Science


La Trobe's Bachelor of Computer Science will help you uncover and understand the complex processes and systems that run much of the modern world. Computer scientists are in demand across a broad range of industries and will help lead the transition into greater automation and efficiency.

You'll learn:

·         Computer science fundamentals

o    Gain essential skills in mobile app development, logic and data structures, web development and artificial intelligence.

·         Software analysis and design

o    Learn to assess, understand and develop software programs.

·         Artificial intelligence (AI)

o    Understand the historical foundations and fundamentals of AI as they apply to machine learning, game playing, state-space search and rule-based expert systems.

·         Programming

o    Establish expertise in languages such as C++ and Java.

·         Databases

o    Build your skills in data storage and organisation.

·         Computer architecture and networks

o    Understand the hardware that drives computers and how they communicate across a network.

The qualification awarded on graduation is recognised in the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) as Level 7.


Graduates will be ready to apply for careers in software development (web/mobile), data science, business intelligence, artificial intelligence and more. Job titles may include:

·         Systems analyst

o    Provide support, maintenance and project management skills to teams of IT professionals.

·         Developer programmer

o    Develop applications for the web at the front end and back end using various programming languages.

o    Manage people and projects as a freelancer, or for small, medium or large organisations.

·         Coder

o    Use your extensive knowledge of programming languages to engineer solutions in artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, smart systems, software programs and more.

·         Computer hardware engineer

o    Identify and analyse hardware needs to meet system requirements.

o    Design, implement, test and document upgrades to computer systems.

·         Network architect

o    Design, organise, configure and troubleshoot networks to respond to requests, and deliver information and services for your clients or employers.

o    Work in large or small organisations helping lead teams and implement solutions to a high standard.

Professional recognition

The Bachelor of Computer Science is conditionally accredited by the Australian Computer Society (ACS). Graduates of the Bachelor of Computer Science may apply for membership with the ACS. Membership may be subject to additional or ongoing requirements beyond completion of the degree. Please contact the relevant professional body for details

Course Information

  • IELTS: 6.0/6.0

  • Scholarship: Yes

  • Tuition Fee: AUD $36,200 per year

Admission Requirements

Academic entry requirement

65% and above