Course Detail

Bachelor of Geography


Geographers help shape the future by understanding, explaining and predicting both human and physical environments. You will study the human and physical forces that shape the planet and the political, social and environmental issues that arise as a consequence of human interactions with the Earth. Never before have geography skills been so important: faced with anthropogenic climate change and predictions of rising seas, bushfires and flooding, geographers will help understand and plan for a sustainable, socially just and resilient future.

Equally, in an era of massive data of both physical and human processes, geographers have never been better positioned to support decision making and planning at all levels of government and business.

Your degree

The Geography program at UOW includes the opportunity to undertake practical laboratory and fieldwork, taking advantage of the local Illawarra environment including urban and heritage landscapes, coastal landscapes, rainforest escarpment and freshwater ecosystems.

You will develop the knowledge and skills to apply the latest technologies in spatial analysis and satellite imagery within the context of these environments. These skills are in demand across a broad range of sectors including government bodies, industry, and consultancies.

What you will study

You will learn skills in logical and critical thinking, creative problem-solving, practical research, organisation and project management, numeracy, statistical literacy, computer applications (including geographic information systems), and strong communication. You will apply these skills to problems in physical and human geography, studying the natural environment, its processes, and the interaction of these with human society and the way it shapes and is shaped by the natural world.

Your studies will include climate change, biogeography, coastal and fluvial environments, populations, urban and regional societies, spatial geography and environmental management.

On completion, high performing students considering further study or a career in research should consider the Bachelor of Science (Honours) program. This one year degree offers students a pathway to expanding their knowledge in geography and achieving their postgraduate research aspirations.


Course Information

  • IELTS: 6.0/6.0

  • Scholarship: Yes

  • Tuition Fee: AU $31,440 per year

Admission Requirements


This table shows the breakdown of the applicant background of the student group at UOW for this course. It provides data on students that commenced undergraduate study and continued study beyond the census date at UOW in 2018.

Applicant background

2018 intake

2018 intake (%)

Higher education study 



Vocational education & training study 

< 5

< 5

Work & life experience 

< 5

< 5

Recent secondary education

ATAR Only 

< 5

< 5

ATAR plus additional criteria 



Other criteria only (non-ATAR) 



International students 



All students



< 5: Number of students is less than 5
N/A: Data not available for this item
N/P: Not published (hidden to prevent calculation of other numbers less than 5)


This table relates to all students selected on the basis of ATAR alone or ATAR in combination with adjustment factors. For more information on adjustment factors commonly available to applicants, see ‘ATAR-based admission’.

ATAR profile of ATAR-based offers in 2018

ATAR Selection Rank 
Highest rank to receive an offer



Median rank to receive an offer



Lowest rank to receive an offer



< 5: Less than 5 ATAR-based offers made
N/A: Data not available for this item
N/P: Not published (less than 5 ATAR-based offers made)