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Canada announces further relaxation around the Post-Graduation Work Permit

For international students studying online, the Canadian government has announced a further relaxation of the rules around its post-graduation work permit scheme. The time spent studying online outside Canada now counts towards the length of a student’s post-graduation work permit - starting from when they apply for a study permit.

“If you apply for your study permit before starting your program, any time spent studying online from outside Canada since spring 2020 now counts toward the length of a post-graduation work permit,” IRCC said in a statement.

“You won’t have time deducted from the length of your post-graduation work permit for studies you complete outside Canada until April 30, 2021.”

Under the current rules, students are still eligible for a post-graduation work permit if they can’t travel to Canada at this time due to travel restrictions and they either:

  • Have a study permit, have been approved for a study permit.
  • Have applied for a study permit before starting their study program in the spring, summer or fall 2020 semesters.
  • Or have applied for a study permit before starting their study program in the January 2021 semester.

Students in this situation can begin their classes while outside Canada and complete 100% of their program online if the program is between 8 and 12 months in length, and they started their studies between May and September 2020.