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New Scholarships Available for International Students - ECU

Applicants will not be required to submit a separate scholarship application as eligibility will be assessed automatically once an application to study at ECU is received. The new scholarships are open to undergraduate and postgraduate students who will commence their ECU program in 2018!

International Undergraduate Merit Scholarship

  • Open to International students from more than 40 countries.
  • Students must demonstrate academic achievement in previous studies.
  • 20% scholarship for the full duration of the course.
  • Open for ALL undergraduate courses.
  • Students must start at ECU in semester 1, 2018 or semester 2, 2018.

Australian Alumni Scholarship

  • Open to all International students, intending to study undergraduate or postgraduate by coursework in 2018.
  • 20% fee reduction for the first year at ECU.
  • Must have completed a qualification in Australia.

Petroleum Engineering First Cohort Scholarship

Early Acceptance Scholarship

  • Open to all International Students, who will commence their ECU program in 2018.
  • $1000 off 2nd semester tuition fees.
  • Students must accept and pay full 1st semester fees by 30th November, 2017.