Opportunity to study a professional IT qualification under AU$22,000 pa

If you have a student that is a graduate with an IT background wanting to do a Master of Information Technology and Systems (MITS), we offer TWO ways of completing the degree, and each provides great benefits.

Whether the student chooses to study 12 units over one and a half or two years, they will still pay the same - and less than if they studied 16 units. That is a great deal!

How to enter the 12 unit course

If your student has already applied for the UTAS MITS course or has already received their offer for semester 2, 2017 or later, you simply need apply for credit through their application in StudyLink Connect.

If a student wants to apply for the MITS, they should submit an application and at the time of the application make a request for credit. Please provide the unit description for those units which credit is sought for.

New applicants for the MITS should make a request for credit In their application.

Once credit is granted, the student will be offered the choice of either the shorter or two-year duration.

What if the student does not have an IT background?

Students are still able to do the MITS degree. They simply complete 16 units over two years. They will also still have the benefit of being able to apply for a post-study work visa.

So it is win-win for everyone!