Victoria is considered as one of the most liveable cities in the world. Its charm, simplicity, laid back lifestyle, glorious career opportunities, exotic culture can leave anyone drooling and craving to be a part of this unconventional city. As a study destination, Melbourne is not alien for international students. For decades, students from across the globe have flourished their academics and pragmatic studies in this orchidaceous city. It has become the home for one of the world’s most diverse student communities. So why should you opt to study in Melbourne?

1.Wide range of Universities and TAFEs: This city offers students an enormous range of choices in terms of weighing out and selecting the most promising universities and TAFEs. You will be able to find more than 8 high ranking universities and numerous choices of TAFEs. So finding a proper university with your choice of course doesn't sound like a mammoth task any more. In terms of the employer intake, the university rankings and your candidature post graduation is sure to make that promising impression.

2. Lifestyle & Affordability: When it comes to the cost of living, Melbourne can certainly outdo several cities in Australia as well as globally for the cost of its living and the wide range of culture it hosts. It's enticing lifestyle, sporting culture, convenient and well-linked public transport can certainly assist students to find their feet in this leading city.

3.Global Networking : Be it an evening stroll by the beach, or stumbling across mates on a backyard barbecue, Melbourne has something to attract everyone. For young graduates, trainees and professionals there is always ample of opportunities of connecting with people from all over the globe which certainly helps to build your references via networking. So be it the prestige of its universities or the vibrant culture and lifestyle of Melbourne, this city has a lot to offer to everyone.

The strong sense of community and belongingness offered makes it irresistible for students to fall in love with this cohesive city and to feel at home. No wonder,Melbourne has been ranked as the fifth best student city in the world according to the 2017 Students Cities Table. So forget Berlin, Boston or Tokyo and make Melbourne your next study destination. You certainly won't regret it and will end up having a lot to thank this desirable city for!